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 Columbia River Receptions & Events

Event interest form

Please provide us with as much or as little of the information below as you would like.  The greater amount of information provided, the better able we are to provide a specific quote.  We are also pleased to discuss your needs or ideas with you in person or on the telephone.  Please send information to receptions@meriwetherplace.com

Contact Information:





Best way/time to reach you:


Event Information

Date/Time and Duration of Event (day/time may influence price):

Type of Event (such as wedding, reception, birthday party, etc.):

Number of Guests:


Other Services that will be present (Check all that apply):


_______  Will not be offering music.

_______  Would like a referral for music.  Please describe live, recorded, or DJ:

_______  Would like to provide our own.  Please describe:

_______  Have professional musician/DJ already.  Please describe:



_______  Will not be offering food.

_______  Would like a referral for a caterer. Please describe type of food:

_______ Would like to bring our own.

_______ Have a professional caterer already.


Alcohol (CRR does not provide alcohol)

_______  Will not be offering alcohol.

_______  Would like to bring our own alcohol.  Please describe type of alcohol:

_______  Would like a referral for a bartender.  (A licensed bartender is required for alcohol service)

_______  Have a licensed bartender already.



_______  Will not be using flowers.

_______  Would like a referral for a florist.

_______  Would like to bring our own.

_______  Have a professional florist already.



_______  Will not be using a photographer and/or videographer.

_______  Would like a referral for a photographer and/or videographer.

_______  Would like to bring our own (non-professional).

_______  Have a professional photographer and/or videographer already.


Wedding Officiant

_______  Officiant is not applicable to the event

_______  Would like a referral for a wedding officiant.

_______  Have an officiant already.


Additional Event Details

We would like Columbia River Receptions & Events to provide:

_______  Tables and chairs

_______  Tablecloths, napkins, chair covers and sashes

_______  Dishes, flatware, glassware

_______ Will be supplying own paper/plastic

_______  Use of audio/video equipment.  Please describe use and estimate of time needed:

_______  Decorations. Budget for decorations:

_______  Centerpieces.  Budget per centerpiece:


Which of the following apply?  (These questions assist us in understanding how we can best prepare recommendations for your special event.)

_______  Event arrangements must not exceed a specific budget.  Rather than exceed the     budget, we would make changes to the event to reduce expenses.  Budget:

_______  Somewhat flexible on event arrangements.  We would like ideas on how to reduce expenses.

_______  Not flexible on event arrangements.  Maintaining a specific budget is less important than maintaining the specific plans.

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