About Meriwether Place


Meriwether Place is located in the town of St. Helens, approximately 30 miles northwest of Portland, Oregon and 24 miles south of Longview, Washington.  A town of approximately 11,000 residents, St. Helens is situated along the mighty Columbia River and along the famed Lewis & Clark Trail.

The address is 1070 Columbia Blvd., St. Helens, OR. 97051.

Facility and Premises:

Constructed in the mid-century era, the 11,000+ square foot facility has enjoyed a rich heritage and has recently received a number of rejuvenating updates.  Key priorities among these are greater accessibility, safety, and sustainability.  Among the accessibility and safety improvements are barrier-free restrooms on the main level, parking and signage upgrades, and installation of a fire alarm system. Sustainable practices involve efforts to improve energy efficiency and the conservation of water resources.


View of Meriwether Place from Columbia Boulevard

Barrier-free restrooms available on main level

Barrier-free restrooms available on main level

Meriwether Place is also home to an evolving landscape design that strives to highlight the beauty of nature and to create an exceptional setting for your events.  Main entrance guests are greeted with the scent of star jasmine and climbing clematis amongst numerous other colorful plantings and evergreen components, such as the richly textural Hinoki cypress.  Entrants from 11th Avenue to the lower level Canyon Room are met by vividly-colored Japanese maples and evergreens such as rhododendrons and juniper.

Columbia River Receptions & Events plays host to the receptions, conferences, and gatherings held in Meriwether Place’s 3000+ square foot Columbia Room located on the main floor level and 1400+ square foot Canyon Room located on the lower level, as well as smaller rooms tailored to client needs.  Additional information regarding the décor, amenities, and seating capacity for each room is available by contacting Columbia River Receptions & Events.

The elegant and spacious Columbia Room on the main level

The elegant and spacious Columbia Room on the main level